kinds of play

Favourite activities are italicized 

Anal training

My desire to push your little asshole to its limits will test your devotion through hours of being fucked by my giant, rubber cock.


You will be secured in the most perverse of ways, leaving your mistress bright eyed and bushy tailed.



Being my slave means submitting yourself to me in every way. Your hygiene and orgasms will be mine to control – even with miles between us.

Chatting Over Tea

For those who feel the need to discuss their desires and how they might transition these safely into other areas of their life or those simply in need of a stimulating conversation with their mistress.

Corporal Punishment (Whipping, Spanking, Flogging)

Leather whips, wooden paddles, metal crops – whichever I use, rest assured my punishments will send you into an erotic euphoria.


A slave that knows the value of a clean home? You will find yourself with a range of tasks that need to be completed on a deadline. You will be covered in full – to ensure your cleaning does not go to waste. I know exactly how filthy you are.

Dinner & Domination

To the unknowing public, you'll be challenged and entranced over elaborate menus and fine wines. Under the table, you'll be writhing in agony and desperation - and we've yet to receive the mains.     

Double Domme

Greedy boy. Fortunately for you, I've taken the liberty of screening the most exotic and strict of Mistresses - all eager to force you further into submission.


If you are a slave that fancies a wave of vibrations coursing from your limbs to your hard, uncontrollable erection – your mistress is pleased to oblige with a press of her finger.

Face Sitting

Financial Draining/Findom

Your life savings, your hard earned salary - drained by your mistress to put to better use than you ever could. 

Fisting/Double Fisting

Food Play/Sploshing/WAM

Nothing pleases your mistress quite like smothering you with her favourite wet and messy treats. Melting ice cream, warm apple pies and honey - oh my. 

Forced Bi (Encouraged Bi) 

Forced Swallow/Cum Eating

Be it your own fluids or those of my Companion, you will need to swallow every last drop. Your mistress does not tolerate waste. 

Genital Torture 

Your mistress will demonstrate this fine art by inflicting severe pain to your cock and balls as your writhe in agony. Nothing makes your mistress smile quite like this.


 Your tiny, smelly penis will undoubtedly be the smallest I’ve ever seen in my life. There are little things I enjoy more than watching you fill with embarrassment and luckily for you, I can go on for hours.

Light Entry 

A gentler, sensual approach to educating you in the world of BDSM.

Maid/Sissy Training (Forced Feminization)

With behaviour modification and the right attire, you will be guided into becoming the embodiment of femininity - all while dutifully serving your mistress, naturally. 


Medical Play (Anesthesia Play, Urethra Play, Needle Play, Enema)

A fully equipped doctors office with vacancy for a very, very sick patient. 


Milking Machine

Nuru Entrapment


Whether your asshole is well used or tight and in need of stretching, your mistress will take pleasure in fucking it with her collection of hard and ready cocks.

Porn/Masturbation Addiction

Wasting orgasms on a screen? Offering intensive, sensual training ending in chastity to renew your ... capabilities as a sexual being and productivity in all areas of your life.  

Real-World Relationship Building 

Wasting away with the mundanity of your everyday life? Unfulfilled? Lonely? Formally educated in (psychological) CBT, I will guide you into becoming the man the adolescent you hoped to be. 


 Your mistress derives pleasure from most every area of fantasy play. Whether you wish to be teacher’s pet or simply, my pet – you will submit to me in whichever fashion that suits your perversions best.


Rope bondage /Shibari

Tight ropes inched into your flesh, you’ll be lifted and propped in whichever position I see fit. Any rope burns you endure will be relished and treasured for days after. *Pair with 'nuru entrapment'. 

Sensory Deprivation 

A classical psychological technique, with an erotic and sensational twist.  

Sensory Stimulation

Intense pressure, sub-zero temperatures and scolding heat - all suitable challenges for your stimulation threshold and makes for delightful entertainment for your mistress. 


Your new life purpose; hours upon hours of serving and devoting yourself to my every whim and desire.  

Slave Training

You’ll be taught, through strict corporal punishment, how to be my perfect slave. Be prepared for long, thankless hours of education and severe discipline.  


Your mistress takes pleasure in using you as her personal rug. You’ll sink into the floor with the immense pressure from my luxury pointed heels or weighted, damp and smelly everyday wear.

Water Sports

Lay, drink and submerge yourself in my fluids. ​

Worship (Stockings, Nylon, Latex, Feet and Body) 

You will contort and relish in worshiping my body tightly wrapped in the finest of silks, leathers and latex... and then slip into a state of euphoria when my petal-like skin becomes exposed. 


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